‘The Best’

by Yun

Dustin Curtis의 글:

These might seem like stupid things to worry about, but when you have trust in everything you own, you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s liberating and an amazing feeling. My life was markedly better because of it.


If you’re an unreasonable person, trust me: the time it takes to find the best of something is completely worth it. It’s better to have a few fantastic things designed for you than to have many untrustworthy things poorly designed to please everyone. The result–being able to blindly trust the things you own–is intensely liberating.

크게 동감. 싸구려 조잡한 것을 구입하면 그것이 제 기능을 발휘하지 못하거나 예상치 못한 불편을 일으킬까봐 걱정하게 된다. 제품이 그것에 기대하는 기능을 조금의 삐걱거림도 없이 수행할 때 믿음이 생기고 이러한 믿음은 삶을 좀 더 편안하게 만든다.