Sandwich Video

by Yun

Sandwich Video

Stanley Kubrick의 광팬인 Adam Lisagor는 IT 제품과 서비스, 특히 스타트업을 전문으로 제품 촬영 및 광고 영상을 제작하는 필름메이커다. 그의 독립 영상제작 스튜디오 Sandwich Video의 홈페이지에서는 출시 당시 화제가 되었던 Square부터 엊그제 발표해 큰 인기를 얻고 있는 Knock까지 여러 프로덕트 영상들을 볼 수 있다.

Sandwich Video가 흥미로운 점은 영상 제작 의뢰 비용에 관한 부분이다.

  1. Reasonably well-funded startups. These make up the bulk of our clients. They’ve got the interest of some people with money to invest, they think (know) that their product is going to be a lot bigger than it is now, and they’re happy to invest the money to get things right. These videos cost two dollar signs. $$

  2. Big corporations. We do fewer of these, but we enjoy them all the same because there are resources to do things correctly without squeezing the rates of the many talented people who work with us, and because big companies have been known to innovate just as well as smaller, more agile ones. These videos cost three dollar signs. $$$

  3. Indie developers and small, bootstrapped startups. These are the nearest to our hearts because this is where we came from, and these tend to best embody the spirit of risk-taking that makes good things happen. If we love what you’re working on, if we know that it’s going to captivate the world, and we like who’s behind it, we’ll work with you in exchange for your trust in our taste. When we work with these clients, we know we’ll have fun. These videos cost one dollar sign. $

스타트업 친화적인 Lisagor의 운영 철학 덕분에 많은 벤쳐 서비스의 영상을 찍을 수 있었고 그 퀄리티 또한 뛰어나다.